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Tub & Tile Refinishing & Reglazing Services

Bath Tub Repair & Reglazing in Torrance, Carson and PV

If your tub is in need of a new finish, we can provide a new, high quality finish that will stand the test of time. With our 10 year warranty, you can be confident that the shine will last for many years to come.

Tile Reglazing & Repair

With constant stress from heat, moisture and pressure, tiles bear the brunt of the effects of your family. After providing high-quality tile reglazing services to families and businesses throughout Southern California for over 20 years, you can trust our service for your job.

Fiberglass Formica Repair

Modern fiberglass showers provide great aesthetics to any bathroom. However, over time, the look and feel of the shower may begin to diminish. Bring back the luster of your bathroom with our fiberglass refinishing for showers and tubs!

Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks

If your sinks have been worn down after years of use, our amazing reglazing and refinishing services will allow you to take pride in your sinks again!

Tub & Tile Refinishing

If you are looking for a professional refinisher or reglazer for your fixtures anywhere in Southern California, we can provide the highest quality service with a 10-year warranty.

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With countless satisified customers throughout Southern California, we pride ourselves on our service and expertise. As a dedicated SoCal service provider, you can be assured that our service will exceed your expectations!

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  • Counter Top Repair
  • Sink Reglazing
  • Shower Reglazing
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